Welfare Sounds, the small studio with the big sound.

The studio has been up and running for over 10 years and is operated by Per Stålberg, Olle Björk & Kalle Lilja.

It has been the workspace for bands and artists such as At the Gates, Bombus, Division Of Laura Lee, Ebbot Lundberg, Håkan Hellström, The Lurking Fear, Spiders, Horisont, Långfinger, Pablo Matisse, Terra, Stefan Missios, Tyred Eyes, Riddarna, Den Stora Vilan, Beverly Kills, Daniel Gilbert, Ian Person, Telos Vision, Abramis Brama, Grand Selmer, Molior Superum, Deadheads, Bottlecap, Scumbag Millionaire, Lisa Wanloo, Professional Againsters, We Live in Trenches, Troublemakers, City Saints, Moderskeppet, Bombs Of Hades, Electric Hydra, Alphabats, Mareld, Jirm, Järpvik, The Canges…bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Located in the western areas of Göteborg.
Booking inquiries: kalle@welfaresounds.com